In Myanmar Web Academy, we are going to provide the following courses.

  1. Drupal
  2. * Drupal for Absolute Beginners
    * Drupal for Intermediate users
    * Advanced Drupal
    * Theming Drupal
    * Module Development for Drupal
    * Optimizing Drupal (for high traffice sites)
    * Drupal SEO
    * Creating Mobile API with Drupal for iPhone and Android native apps

  3. WordPress
  4. * Using WordPress
    * Theming WordPress
    * Optimizing WordPress (for high traffic sites)

  5. PrestaShop Ecommerce Software
  6. * Using PrestaShop
    * Theming PrestaShop
    * Optimizing PrestaShop

  7. General
  8. * Web Performance Optimizing for any website
    * Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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