Online Training with Mentors

Learning online with Interactive Videos, Exercises & Visual Aids, is almost the same as classroom trainings. All we need is to focus on the subject we learn. Don't need to waste our precious time because of Traffic or long Distance.

We are going to launch a new online learning system, we named it as "Mentoring Based Online Learning" @ Myanmar Trainings.

The learning process is so Easy, Simple & you can start anytime, anywhere.

Learn at your own time
1) Learn the guided trainings on website anytime
2) Follow the tutorials & submit assignments online
3) Ask questions & discuss the problems with experience mentors who are currently working in the relevant industries
4) Use your online exercises & trainings as reference for your jobs & day to day works

Available Courses
1) Drupal Basic Essentials - 100SGD
2) Absolute Drupal Beginner - 200SGD
3) Advanced Drupal (Media Project) - 200SGD
4) Creating VPC on AWS - 150SGD
5) Mastering S3 on AWS - 100SGD
6) Networking (coming soon)
7) 3D Arts & Design (coming soon)

For 3, basic Drupal knowledge is required
For 4 & 5, AWS account is required.

Anyone who want to learn with this program, please contact me.

Anyone who want to share your knowledge & experience as Trainer or Mentor, please contact me. We will give you 90% of course fee for each learner. The 10% will be used for Administration purposes.

Learning online with Guided training & Mentors is fun. All you need is "Willing to Learn" & "A mobile Internet"... :)

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