Drupal for Intermediate Users - Course Outline

We are happy to announce our Drupal training course for the intermediate users. This course is specially designed to understand Drupal's powerful modules such as CCK, Views, Panels and Rules.

We will cover the Drupal concepts to solve the real World web solution. After completing this Intermediate course, you will be able to convert the business needs to an appropriate web application using Drupal CMS.

  1. Review & warming up for Beginner courses
  2. * Drupal Basics
    * Understanding Drupal Standards

  3. Powerful Tools for a Drupal site
  4. * Understanding more on CCK
    * Introduction to Drupal Views
    * Introduction to Panels
    * Introduction to Rules
    * Introduction to Devel
    * Multimedia in Drupal

  5. Creating complex content types on Drupal
  6. * Requirement analysis and desingning complex contents
    * Adding images to a content type
    * Adding videos to a content type
    * Adding maps to a content type
    * Creating an Image Gallery with Drupal

  7. Creating complex Views on Drupal
  8. * Understanding Drupal Views UI
    * Creating simple page with Views
    * Understanding Views Arguments
    * Creating a dynamic page with Views
    * Understanding Views Relationships
    * Creating a Dynamic Slideshow block with Views

  9. Creating complex pages with Panels
  10. * Understanding power of panels
    * Creating a custom front page with Panel
    * Understanding varients
    * Creating dynamic pages with Panels using Views and Content from previous steps

  11. Using Drupal Rules
  12. * Power of Drupal Rules
    * Understanding Drupal Rules UI
    * Creating Rules based on user behaviors
    * Creating Rules based on user activities

  13. Drupal Theming (Introduction)
  14. * Structure of A Drupal Theme
    * Drupal Theming & Devel Module
    * Creating a sub theme
    *Creating custom Drupal pages

  15. Extending your Drupal Knowledge
  16. * Drupal Themer?
    * Drupal Module Developer?
    * Drupal Site Builder?
    * Other Drupal Resources
    * Drupal Tips, Tricks and Learning Experiences
    * Feedback

Because of many request form Drupal learners in Myanmar, we are also thinking to build online training courses. However this can take some time to set up.

The cost will be
- 500 SGD for Beginner course (4 weeks, 6 hrs/week)
- 700 SGD for Intermediate course (6 weeks, 6 hrs/week)
- 1150 SGD if attending both. (discounted)

All the students will get their own custom domain and site for their play ground for 2 months. e.g - studentname.mmdrupal.com.

All the course structures are created and copyright by everlearner. The titles and structure will be added, modified according to different conditions & requirements.
Let me know if you want to use for your own project, trainings or republishing.

If you want to know more about the courses, feedback or want to contribute, please Contact Us.

Thanks for your interest to learn Drupal with us.

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