Drupal for Beginners - Course outline (2012 Version)

We are happy to announce our first Drupal training course for the beginners. We strongly believe you will get enough knowledge to understand about powerful Drupal CMS and create a website with Drupal after completing this section.

The course will be covered the following areas of Drupal.

  1. Introduction
  2. * What is Drupal?
    * Who is using Drupal?
    * What kind of sites can built with Drupal?
    * Future of Drupal

  3. Installing Drupal
  4. * Preparing localhost (Xampp or Wamp setup)
    * Download and Install Drupal
    * Hello Drupal World page

  5. Understanding Drupal Interface
  6. * Structures of a Drupal site
    * Appearance of a Drupal site
    * Changing the look and feel of a Drupal site
    * Blocks in a Drupal site
    * Menu system in Drupal
    * Adding new features to a Drupal site

  7. Understanding Drupal Theories
  8. * Nodes in Drupal
    * What is Content?
    * What is Fields?
    * What is Taxonomy and how to use in Drupal?
    * Understanding Drupal path
    * What are the differences between Drupal and other CMSs.

  9. Creating Content Types
  10. * Defining requirements of new content type.
    * Understanding built in CCK
    * Installing new CCK fields
    * Creating new content type
    * Creating new fields
    * Managing Taxonomies
    * Managing Displays
    * Create a real live site with yourname.example.com

  11. Und%rstanding Drupal Users and Permissions
  12. * What is users in Drupal?
    * What is user roles in Drupal?
    * Managing users in Drupal
    * Managing contents by user roles
    * Managing regions by user roles
    * Managing looks and feels by user roles

  13. Performance & Security in Drupal (Basic)
  14. * Understanding & Using Drupal built in Performance features
    * Understanding & Using Drupal built in Security Features
    * Testing your site performance & Security

  15. Managing and Administration a Drupal site
  16. * Reports in Drupal
    * Understanding Drupal logs
    * Understanding referrers and`bots
    * Adding Google Analytics
    * Adding Contact Page
    * Basic Drupal SEO
    * Backup & Restoring a Drupal site.

Because of many request form Drupal learners in Myanmar, we are also thinking to build online training courses. However this can take some time to set up.

The cost will be
- 500 SGD for Beginner course (4 weeks, 6 hrs/week)
- 700 SGD for Intermediate course (6 weeks, 6 hrs/week)
- 1150 SGD if attending both. (discounted)

All the students will get their own custom domain and site for their play ground for 2 months. e.g - studentname.mmdrupal.com

All the course structures are created and copyright by everlearner. The titles and structure will be added, modified according to different conditions & requirements.
Let me know if you want to use for your own project, trainings or republishing.

If you want to know more about the courses, feedback or want to contribute, please Contact Us.

Thanks for your interest to learn Drupal.

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